Habitrol 1mg 216pc Lozenges x1

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When you smoke, the vast majority of health risk comes from the delivery mechanism, the smoking itself, rather than the nicotine.

NRT, or Nicotine Replacement Therapy, could almost be called NDV instead ( Nicotine Delivery Variance ), in that nicotine is still delivered, but the mechanism used removes the catastrophic health risks smoking conveys via the inhalation and blood loading with carbon monoxide (stressing the heart) and the inhalation of known carcinogenic byproducts from the burning process. NRT offers an means of quitting the act of smoking, and of managing and slowly decreasing one's reliance on nicotine using measured doses of nicotine.

What we present here are two different non-smoking methods of using gradually reducing amounts of nicotine to help you quit both smoking and nicotine.

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2mg Habitrol Gum 204's x 18 [3672 pcs ]

$513.40 You save 16%!
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Habitrol 2mg (216pc) Lozenges x12

$485.39 You save 23%!

Habitrol 2mg (216pc) Lozenges x18

$728.09 You save 26%!

Habitrol 1mg 216pc Lozenges x12

$462.99 You save 24%!

Habitrol 1mg 216pc Lozenges x18

$694.49 You save 27%!

3. Habitrol **4mg** Gum 204's (x 18 = 3672 pcs)

$572.52 You save 17%!
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2mg Habitrol Gum Carton (204's x 24=4896 pcs)

$659.64 You save 16%!
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4. Habitrol **4mg** Gum Carton (204's x 24 = 4896 pcs)

$706.31 You save 15%!
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